Why choose Abels Car Storage?

Abels Car Storage

Abels Car Concierge Service offers a range of flexible storage and transportation options.

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On arrival your vehicle will be inspected and the condition documented a copy provided for your records, and the fluid levels recorded.

Tyres are inflated to 50% over the normal pressure to prevent ‘flat spot’ wear and the battery is connected to a conditioner which tops it up when necessary. The vehicle is covered with a custom-made ‘breathable’ cover to protect the bodywork and a drip tray placed underneath the engine.

The vehicle is inspected once a week and any necessary remedial action taken. Every two weeks it is moved to rotate the bearings and ease the pressure point on the tyres, and every 60 days the vehicle is started. This gives our team the opportunity to check engine temperatures and pressures as well as to make sure all electrical systems and ancillaries such as air conditioning and electric windows are fully functioning.

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